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Other Than Vision Loss, What Are Some Signs You Should See an Eye Doctor?

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When your vision starts waning, of course, you visit the eye doctor. However, vision loss and blurry vision are not the only symptoms that can alert you to the presence of an eye problem that requires treatment. Here are a few other signs that you should call up your ophthalmologist for an appointment. 1. Trouble seeing colors. Do the colors around you suddenly seem faded? Maybe everything seems a little washed out or like it spent too long in the sun. Read More»

A Mini Gastric Bypass Webinar Helps You Decide

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For many people, the mini gastric bypass is a great option for weight loss. Many people struggle to lose weight and have a lot of questions about how it works. The good news? Many of your questions can be answered via an online webinar series about the procedure. Are you considering this weight-loss option? This is what you can learn by watching a webinar about the procedure. What Makes a Mini Gastric Bypass Different? Read More»