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Do You Need To Get An Allergy Test?

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Allergy testing is a good way to try to get ahead of some of the problems you might experience. Folks often wonder whether it's worth it to get allergy tests, though. If you're not clear on whether you should, here are 5 reasons you should consider getting tested.

Persistent Allergies

Generally, someone experiencing allergy symptoms for at least two weeks straight should consider having a test done. Even if you have seasonal allergies and know the cause will go away soon, it's not good for your body to cough, wheeze, and sneeze constantly. These things can harm your lungs if they go on for several weeks.

Regular OTC Medicine Use

If you maintain and regularly use a supply of OTC allergy medications, it's probably not a good sign. Even if the OTC meds seem to be effective, you might be further ahead to address the cause rather than treat the symptoms. Allergy shots may be available for your condition, but a doctor will need to determine what sort of immunotherapy you require. If you want to head down that road, allergy testing comes first.

Skin Issues

People often assume skin problems are genetic or driven by a dry environment. That may be the case, but you can faithfully rule anything out without conducting allergy testing. If you have a condition that seems like eczema or psoriasis, for example, you may want to consider allergies are at play. Some people have broad-spectrum reactions that can lead to red, rough, flaky, or dry skin. It's wise to remember that your sinuses and eyes aren't the only parts of your body trying to fight allergies.


Low-severity allergies often lead to deceptive results. You may feel tired because your breathing isn't great. Reactions to certain foods can produce similar feelings. If you're feeling chronic lethargy, it's at least worth doing some allergy testing to rule out a possible source of trouble.

Repeated Illnesses

Especially if you're experiencing repeated bouts of respiratory illnesses, you might want to look for allergic issues. Oftentimes, infections sneak in while the body is struggling to fight allergies. Decreased immune and lung function from allergies can leave the door open to infections. If you seem to have several colds every year, for example, it might be time to consider the contribution of allergies.

The same goes if you feel like you're having stomach bugs several times a year. You might be dealing with a food-borne allergy.

Keep these reasons in mind when deciding to go in for allergy testing.