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Types of Reconstructive Nasal Surgery

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One of the most common forms of reconstructive surgery involves the nose. Your nose may be more inclined to become injured because it sticks out further than the rest of the face. This means something like a car accident can lead to the need for surgery.

The following are among the most common types of reconstructive nasal surgery and what the procedure might entail.

Broken Nose

A broken nose is one of the leading causes of reconstructive surgery. This comes as no surprise, considering the impact a broken nose can have on your appearance and overall functionality. If you have been hit in the nose, you may have a lot of swelling or even a collapse of your nasal cavity.

Reconstructive surgery can straighten your nose, restoring your appearance and fixing any damage that may have occurred. Typically, you need to wait for the swelling to reduce before you can undergo surgery.


In some cases, people who have skin cancer may see an impact on their nose. If cancer has impacted your nose, reconstructive surgery may restore the appearance and function to the way it used to be. You may have to wait to pursue this option until after the cancer has been diagnosed and removed.

Cleft Palate

In many cases, cleft palate impacts the nose as much as it does the jaw or roof of the mouth. In order to prevent infections and discomfort, a doctor may perform reconstructive surgery. This surgery is not uncommon in children who have a cleft palate.


In some cases, an injury is so severe that it drastically impacts the appearance of the nose. In other situations, people are born with a nose that they are uncomfortable with. They may want to make a change for the sake of appearance, which is a completely valid reason.

This procedure involves making an incision inside the nose to move the cartilage and bones inside of it. This can also improve the function of the nose, such as in cases where one or both sides of the nose feel as if they do not allow for proper airflow.

Book Reconstructive Surgery Today

The goal of reconstructive surgery is to ensure that it can function the way it should. Whether you have a medical condition or an injury, you should leave the surgery with improved functioning of your nose.

Are you ready to see and feel a difference in your nose? Now is the time to book an appointment with a reconstructive surgeon so that you can plan your surgery and recovery now.