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Don't Believe These Burn Myths

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Burns do much more than sting you. They can cause a wide array of symptoms and can even lead to infection. If you are the victim of a serious burn, it is important that you understand the reality of your injury. If you or somebody else has a burn, make sure you avoid believing these very common myths and falsehoods.

Myth: You Should Put Butter on a Burn

Many people believe it is a good idea to put butter on the skin after a serious burn. While it is true that butter may feel soothing at first, it may become painful over time as the butter picks up heat from the burn. Butter is also bad news for burns because it can bring bacteria to your wound. This can lead to infection and may require more serious treatment to fix it. Infection spreads very easily with wounds like these, so try a cool compress instead of butter.

Myth: You Should Put Ice on a Burn

Again, putting something cold on your skin is a good way to relieve pain at first, but it has some problems too. Unfortunately, ice can also lead to serious problems for your skin and your burn. Use a cold compress instead of ice directly on your injury.

Myth: You Should Clean a Burn With Alcohol

It might sound like a great idea to disinfect your wound with alcohol, but the truth is that it can cause serious pain. You could find that your burn becomes unbearable because of the stinging. It's better to get treatment from a doctor who can provide you with the most pain-free way of dealing with your burn.

Myth: You Should Pop Blisters

Some people think it is better to pop blisters that arise rather than to leave them alone. Don't do this. Popping blisters can allow them to become infected and vulnerable to bacteria. A bandage is a better idea.

Seek Burn Treatment Right Away

Treatment can take a while for your body to heal. It is important that you allow your body to continue its regular healing process. Your body needs to heal, and there is no overnight option to heal your wounds.

It is also important that you seek treatment right away for your burn. Burns can worsen and become infected, but treatment applied quickly can prevent the worsening of your symptoms, which could leave a scar. Consult with a doctor right away for burn treatment.