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Personal Care Plans Could Address Safety Concerns About A Relative

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When an elderly relative moves into an assisted living facility, they are doing more than relocating to a "senior apartment complex." Assisted living provides the oversight necessary to provide the loved one with a safer environment. And safety takes many forms. When someone becomes unable to care for themselves properly, problems can arise. Working with the facility to come up with a workable personal care plan could help the older person in many ways. 

Personal Care Is About Dignity and Safety

"Personal care" is an umbrella term that can refer to any number of daily or weekly routines. Setting a resident up with twice-a-month trips to a barbershop can fall under the personal care banner. Personal care, however, also encompasses other things an older person may rely on for their well-being. Unfortunately, as a person ages, they can suffer from physical limitations that make normal activities difficult. An older person might become forgetful, which may sometimes come with severe consequences. With a personal care plan, hopefully, the loved one won't face certain risks.

Medication Management — No Room for Error

If an older adult fails to take medication, the consequences may be dire. A heart patient or anyone else with a serious condition, can't afford to miss taking doctor-prescribed medicine. Unfortunately, someone with cognition issues may forget to take medicine, as suggested. The person may not like a particular prescription, such as a water pill. Or, they don't remember to request a refill. A terrible situation can result when someone doesn't take their prescription, but a personal care plan can shift the responsibilities to the staff at an assisted living residence.

Cleaning and Hygiene — It Is Also About Health

An older adult might fail to bathe sufficiently, and this creates safety concerns. If they don't shower regularly, the risks for infection increase. Germs and bacteria may spread when someone isn't showering, which may lead to infections. Showering without supervision, however, presents another risk. The person could slip and fall. Under a personal care plan, regular and assisted bathing may be requested.

Know the Plan

Reasons likely exist why you feel moving a loved one into assisted living makes sense. You probably noticed the relative neglected essential life activities. Be sure to notate all the personal care issues the relative neglects. Discuss your concerns with the assisted living facility's social worker and staff. This way, everyone can come up with a plan that best benefits the resident.

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