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Signs You Need To Go To The Dermatologist

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A dermatologist is a person who studies and practices medicine in dermatology or the skin. A dermatologist is often gone to by people who suffer from acne or other skin conditions. You may have never been to a dermatologist specialist before, but there are reasons why you may be referred to one. Here are signs that you need to talk to your general doctor about a dermatologist or that you should just schedule a visit with a dermatology expert yourself.

You have stubborn acne

Some acne is very stubborn to get rid of because the acne is in hard-to-clean areas or is cystic or covers a large area of the body. If you have painful zits and pimples that are large, infected, or cover a hard area to clean, such as your ears or back, then talk to a dermatologist for treatment.

A dermatologist may recommend a prescription acne treatment or can perform acne removal for you in their office. Some types of acne, such as blackheads and cystic acne, can be removed while in the dermatologist's chair to help speed the acne healing recovery.

You have new moles

If you have moles on your body, you should have a dermatologist check them out to make sure they aren't potentially cancerous. A mole that is new, getting larger, changing shape, turning a new color, or changing texture should also be examined by a skin specialist.

If your body is naturally prone to freckling or moles, have your dermatologist check your skin on a regular basis to see if new moles are getting larger or if existing moles pose a threat. Your dermatologist will get biopsies of any moles that concern them and recommend treatment if moles come back dangerous or show other signs of issues.

You have a skin condition

There are many skin conditions that are hard to treat at home. Dry skin can sometimes be linked to other skin diseases, such as eczema or other conditions that are hard to treat with regular lotions and treatments. Your dermatologist will want to examine your skin and diagnose what is causing your dry, peeling, itchy, or painful skin. This is how they will treat your condition so you can have healthier-looking skin and more confidence with your body.

Sometimes allergies are the cause of skin conditions. If you aren't sure if an allergy is to blame for your skin problems, then your dermatologist will help determine what allergens are causing you problems.

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