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Remain Comfortable And Carry Necessities While Using Your Wheelchair During Sporting Events

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If you are recovering from a broken ankle and often use your power wheelchair when attending sporting events, the following tips will help you remain comfortable during each outing and will provide you with a convenient way to carry items that will come in handy during a live match.

Bag That Contains Gel Packs And A Cushion

Purchase gel packs that need to be stored inside of a freezer compartment prior to use and a small cushion that can be used to elevate your injured leg. After the gel packs have been cooled for several hours, place them and the cushion inside of a drawstring cloth bag and secure the bag to the back of the wheelchair.

Once you arrive at a sporting event, use the foot rest on your wheelchair to rest your injured foot. If you begin to experience stiffness around your ankle or if swelling becomes an issue, set your foot on top of the cushion and place the gel packs next to the part of your foot that is causing you discomfort.

Basket To Store Binoculars, Sunscreen, And Other Essentials

Purchase a metal basket to hook onto the side of the wheelchair. Use the basket to store a pair of binoculars, bottle of sunscreen, your medication, a hat, and any other items that you may need while away from home. By having the basket within your reach, you will not need to strain while attempting to retrieve items. You will also not need to rely upon someone else to assist with handing you items, which will allow you to maintain your independence and provide you with the opportunity to attend social events by yourself.

Tray To Use While Dining

Purchase a tray that is designed for use with wheelchairs. A tray that folds up or that can be stored on the side of the wheelchair will not hinder your ability to maneuver your wheelchair or prevent you from entering or exiting the chair. Pack snacks and beverages inside of a small bag and place the bag inside of the metal basket that you are using to hold other essentials.

If you get hungry or thirsty during a sporting match, move the tray in front of you before placing the contents that are in the bag on top of the tray. The tray can also be used to hold your phone or the program to a sports event.