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Running With Orthotics

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Long-distance running can be a great way to build physical and mental endurance. Unfortunately, it can also place a lot of strain on your lower body. Since running creates a lot of impact on your knees, ankles, and feet, you want to take every precaution to ensure you minimize impact-related discomfort while running. Add a custom orthotic to your running shoes can be a simple and effective way to make running more comfortable.

Here are three things to consider as you invest in orthotics for running in the future.

1. Work with your body, not against it.

The mechanics of each body vary, which means that the way you move while running isn't exactly the same as any other runner. Since your body has a preferred range of motion that it will try to follow (regardless of any training aids you use), it's best to invest in a custom orthotic that promotes this natural movement.

Making it easier for the body to move naturally will alleviate muscle strain, while trying to alter the body's movement could result in increased strain and higher levels of pain. Become familiar with your natural range of motion, then invest in orthotics that promote rather than inhibit this movement.

2. Look for an orthotic with a firm arch.

Increasing the amount of support your arches receive while running can help prevent a variety of impact-related injuries. The orthotics that you add to your running shoes need to provide a high level of arch support in order to be effective.

Before you invest in a pair of orthotics, take the time to press the arch area with your fingers. If you can press down the arch, then the orthotic is not stable enough to provide continuous support under the repeated impact associated with running.

3. Customize your orthotics.

Since no two feet are the exact same shape (including your own two feet), it can be beneficial to invest in orthotics that can be molded to the unique shape of your foot.

An orthotic that can be heated up in the oven, then stepped on to provide an exact mold of your foot will help eliminate friction points that could cause blistering and soreness while running over long distances. 

Protecting your feet with orthotic products can be a great way to  make long-distance running more comfortable. If you are thinking of investing in some orthotics, be sure that you look for a product that encourages your natural movement, has firm arch support, and can be customized to your unique foot shape. Visit a website like http://www.yourfootdocs.com to learn more.