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Personalized Funeral Services: 4 Unique Ways You Can Honor Your Loved One

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Funeral services are designed to honor the life of your loved one. However, many services are cookie cutter and not representative of the person being honored. If you want to truly honor the memory of your loved one, you need to look for ways to make the service personal. You can add something special to the service or engage in a special activity that they loved. Following are four unique ways you can honor your loved one at their funeral service.

Establish Living Memorial

Living memorials, memorials that thrive and grow, are very popular. Most people create a living memorial at home or in a special place by planting a tree or their loved one's favorite flowers. While it's not traditional, you can create a loving memorial at your loved one's service. You can do so in one of two ways. First, you can all go to a designated spot after the service to plant a tree together. Or you can hand out saplings or packets of seeds at the funeral to anyone who wants to create a living memorial of their own. 

Host Donation Drive

If your loved one supported a charity, you can continue their legacy by taking up donations for their cause. Many funeral homes will accept the donations and take care of everything. You just have to let them know what your wishes are. In addition to giving to charity, you can set up a scholarship fund in your loved one's memory or donate resources, such as a bench or equipment, to a local organization. 

Do Their Favorite Activity

If the deceased had a specific hobby or pastime that they enjoyed, you can incorporate these activities into your service. After your loved one's graveside service, you can all travel together to do something that they loved to do. By doing something that your loved one was passionate about, you will celebrate their life in a unique way. 

Pass Out Meaningful Items

Most people pass out funeral cards, but they're not entirely personal. You can take it a step further by passing out meaningful items along with the funeral card to guests who wish to have them. For example, if your loved one was an avid gardener, you may want to pass out a packet of seeds to each guest. 

There are limitless ways you can honor your loved one at their funeral. The key is to think outside the traditional box and try to incorporate something personal that represents the things that your loved one was passionate about. Keep these ideas in mind as you make funeral arrangements.