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4 Benefits Of A Compound Pharmacy

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In this day and age, many people visit a pharmacy in a drug store, grocery store, or a big box store when they need to have a prescription filled. But not all mass produced medications are suitable for all people. Luckily, there are compounding pharmacies available to provide people with their needed medications when mainstream pharmacies are unable to do so. There are many reasons people go to a compoundng pharmacy, such as:

Custom Dosages and Strengths

At a compounding pharmacy, highly trained pharmacists use pharmaceutical grade ingredients to carefully create prescription medications according to the instructions of the prescribing physician. This is very useful when a patient needs a specific dosage or strength of a particular medication that is not mass produced or carried in mainstream pharmacies.

Create More Suitable Forms of Medications

Many medication come in tablet or capsule form, but some people, such as infants, young children, and the elderly may not be able to properly swallow pills. A compounding pharmacy can make medications in different forms, such as liquids, lozenges, or even lollipops. For medication that can be absorbed through the skin, a prescription in pill form can be changed to a gel, cream, or a suppository. A compounding pharmacist can also add flavoring to oral medication that is not in tablet form in order to make the taste easier to tolerate--this can be especially useful for medication prescribed to infants and young kids.

Cater to Allergies and Sensitivities

Some patients are not able to tolerate ingredients in mass-produced medication. A patient may have a sensitivity to the preservatives used, while others cannot handle dyes, ingredients that contain gluten, or an ingredient that a person has a specific allergy to. A compounding pharmacy is able to cater to people with sensitivities and allergies in order to create the medication that they have been prescribed without the ingredients that they are not able to consume without negative side effects. This service can ensure that a person reaps the benefits of the medication that has been prescribed without having any problems after taking a dose.

Combine Multiple Medications

In some cases, a compounding pharmacy may be able to combine multiple medications into one tablet, capsule, or liquid dose. This can be very helpful for people who currently have to take several medications each day in order to maintain their health. Having multiple medications in one pill can make it much easier to keep track of medicine and when a dose is taken.

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