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2 Reasons To See A Foot And Ankle Specialist

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One of the more useful health care professionals out there is a foot and ankle specialist, mostly because of the many conditions that they are able to treat. This type of doctor specializes in a wide variety of skin, bone, and muscle conditions that can affect your foot and ankle. Listed below are just two of the reasons to see a foot and ankle specialist.

Gait Correction

A foot and ankle specialist is very useful when it comes to diagnosing a wide variety of reasons for your foot and ankle issues. One of the ways in which this type of doctor can help you is by instructing you to walk around in the office while he or she observes. While you are walking around, the doctor will observe everything from your posture to how you are placing your feet as you step.

This is a very important diagnostic tool, as problems with your gait can lead to back issues, strain on certain tendons and muscles, and pain. The way that you walk will also be able to tell the podiatrist exactly where the problem is stemming from so he or she can start planning your treatment.

For example, if your foot or ankle problems are a result of how you place your feet while you walk, then the doctor will instruct you as to how to adjust your gait. If your gait is off due to you having flat feet, bunions, or ankle issues, the doctor can prescribe insoles or padding to relieve pain while he or she tries to resolve your issues.

Sports Injuries

Another reason to see a podiatrist is that he or she can help you recover from sports injuries in a safe and healthy manner. In addition to being able to treat the actual injury with surgery and medication, a podiatrist can also create a rehabilitation program that can help you recover to the point where you can get back to participating in your sport. This is very useful, as the podiatrist will have in-depth knowledge of your capabilities, injury, and other health concerns, which means that he or she will be able to create a personalized exercise and recovery program that will let you recover without pushing too hard and reinjuring yourself or aggravating your condition.

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