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Focus On Your Total Knee Recovery In A Short Term Rehabilitation Center

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The surgical replacement of your knee joint with an artificial joint will allow you to walk again without pain. But the surgery is only the first step in the healing process. Once you leave the hospital, you're looking at an average of twelve weeks to gain full use of your knee. Recovering in a short term rehabilitation center allows you to focus on your recovery and not be distracted by activities in your home. Here is what you can expect from your stay in a short term facility after your joint replacement.

1. Your time is focused on recovering and not household chores.

All of your time in a rehab center can be directed on your healing and the strengthening of your knee. Tasks such as meal preparation and keeping the place clean are done by the staff supporting you. 

2. You have help setting a healthy pace for recovery.

Your doctor and physical therapist will let you know how much you can do before you're putting too much stress on your knee. The staff at the rehab center will help you maintain that level of activity so you are doing enough to strengthen your knee, but not so much that you become tired. Pushing yourself beyond the limits can damage your knee and set back your recovery time. 

3. You'll get help maintaining your therapy schedule.

Physical therapy is a major portion of your total knee recovery. The staff will make sure that you get to your scheduled sessions and that you do your own exercises regularly. You may have days where you feel like skipping a physical therapy appointment, but the staff will encourage you to keep up with the therapy so you'll get the most benefit from it. 

4. You'll have help with pain management.

You will have some pain during your recovery. Your doctor and the rehab staff will help to keep the pain levels low so you can do your daily therapy and become stronger. The staff will manage your medication schedule so you get pain medication before a scheduled therapy session. This reduces the pain you'll have during and after the physical therapy. 

5. You'll get help resuming your normal daily activities.

At first, taking a bath or shower is challenging. The little daily activities become difficult and sometimes painful tasks. The staff in the facility, along with the physical and occupational therapists, will work with you to show you how to complete those daily tasks without hurting yourself. Getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, and reaching for something up high or down low become easier with the directions of the staff and therapists.

The goal of a short term rehabilitation center is to get you healthy enough to go home and be independent. Being able to focus on your recovery lets you heal and become stronger in an atmosphere with few distractions from your recovery.

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