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5 Places To Install Grab Bars In Your Elderly Parent's Home

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If you have an elderly parent who is still living alone at home, you are probably happy that your mom or dad is able to maintain his or her independence. However, one thing that you might worry about a lot is whether or not your parent is safe. For example, you could worry about your mom or dad falling. Luckily, there are aids out there that can help prevent these injuries, such as grab bars that can be attached to the wall. These are a few places to install these grab bars to help protect your loved one from getting hurt.

1. By the Toilet

Your loved one might have trouble getting on and off the toilet seat without a little help, which a grab bar can certainly help with. Plus, since the bathroom is an extremely dangerous place to fall due to all of the hard surfaces, the grab bar is a great safety tool as well.

2. By the Bath Tub or Shower

The bath tub and shower are two of the most dangerous places in the home for an elderly person. Luckily, along with adding anti-slip mats, installing a grab bar can help reduce the risk of an accident.

3. Beside Your Loved One's Favorite Chair

If your mom or dad is like most people, he or she probably has a favorite chair somewhere in the home. Naturally, this is a great location for another grab bar to make getting up and sitting down easier and to be there in the event of an accident.

4. Beside the Bed

Many elderly people like having grab bars near the bed for a few reasons. Not only will they be able to grab onto the bar if they start to fall when getting in and out of bed, but the grab bars can also offer added support to help them get up in the morning. This allows many elderly people to maintain their independence without the need for a hospital bed.

5. Near the Stove

If your loved one still cooks, consider installing a grab bar near the stove. Then, if your mom or dad loses his or her balance while lifting heavy pots and pans or otherwise moving around in the kitchen, the grab bar will be there to help.

Grab bars are affordable and easy to install, and they're great for giving your parent something to grab onto, which can help prevent a nasty fall. If you want to help your loved one stay safe, try installing grab bars in these locations. For more information, speak with experts like Twin City Stair Lifts.