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Bad Taste Around Your Dental Implant? What It Could Be And What You Must Do To Treat It

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Have you recently undergone dental implant surgery and have begun experiencing bad tastes around the new implant? If so, you are likely experiencing dental implant inflammation. The bad taste is caused by an infection that is growing around your implant that should not be ignored. Here, you will learn what to do if you begin noticing the terrible taste around your new implant.

Eliminate the Bad Taste

While you wait for your dentist appointment to have the infected implant examined, you do not have to continue to suffer through the terrible taste in your mouth. To eliminate the bad taste use mouthwash to rinse the area well. You can also use a toothbrush to clean the area a few times each day. Be gentle as you brush the area this often so that you do not cause your gums to become inflamed and painful.

Treatments for Infected Implants

Infections within Two Weeks

If the infection has developed within the first couple of weeks of the surgery, your dentist will likely prescribe a round of antibiotics to help kill the infection before it spreads. Infections this soon after implant surgery is quite common and can oftentimes be stopped before worsening if caught early.

Infections after Two Weeks

Infections that have developed more than two weeks after the surgery can be a little trickier to kill. The infection may have been caused by the implant crown coming loose from the post. When this happens the crown must be tightened to the post and a round of antibiotics taken.

If the infection is located in the bone where the implant post has been inserted, there is little option but to have the implant post removed. The infection in the bone will not heal if the implant is not removed. In most cases, the signs of bone infection are the terrible taste and extreme pain.

Infections after Several Weeks

If the implant becomes infected several weeks after the procedure has been completed, there could be a gap between the crown and the implant post. When there is a gap remaining, bacteria can become trapped in the area and cause the tissues around the implant to become infected. Your dentist will make necessary adjustments, prescribe an antibiotic and direct you in properly cleaning the area around your implant to prevent future infections.

Do not ignore that terrible taste coming from your dental implant. Immediately contact your dentist to have it examined and create a treatment plan, from a center like Prospect Periodontal & Implant Center, to help save the implant.