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Breaking Out In Hives? Maybe One Of These 3 Things Is To Blame

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Allergies occur whenever your body reacts to an unknown substance. While allergies to food, pet dander, mold and dust are more common, there are plenty of other allergies that are more obscure. Many people end up with an allergy to multiple pollutants in the world around them. Surprisingly, there are a variety of different things that you can become allergic to. Check out some of the weird allergy triggers below.


Have you ever broken out in hives after wearing a pair of leather shoes? It might be that the chemicals used in the shoes are causing an allergic reaction in your feet. Many people struggle with contact dermatitis because of something irritating the skin, although it isn't always their shoes that is the problem. To help quench the allergy, make sure you wear socks whenever wearing leather shoes. You can always switch to a different material as well. Oftentimes, the rash will clear up in no time. An allergy specialist can get you an antihistamine to help you out in the meantime, though.


Sure, you need water to live, but what would you do if the water was causing you to suffer with hives? Although this is a rare type of allergy, it can affect people of all ages. Most of the time, you don't have to worry about the itching and hives sticking around for too long. If you need relief, you can always turn to an antihistamine to help control some of your symptoms.


For those who suffer with an allergy to the sun, it makes it difficult to go outside and do anything. If you do, you end up breaking out in hives. You end up with an itching and burning sensation that appears within a short amount of time after going outside. While the hives might clear up in a few minutes of going back inside, it can be uncomfortable and painful in the meantime. An antihistamine can help to clear up the allergic reaction, but it isn't going to prevent it from happening in the first place.

While these are only three of the different types of allergies out there, plenty of others exist. From being allergic to electricity, to exercise, money and more, the different substances that can cause an allergic reaction are overwhelming. Take a minute to talk to your allergist about what you can do to overcome the allergic reaction. Contact a professional like Diane L. Ozog, MD, SC for more information.