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Signs You Should Seriously Consider Weight Loss Surgery

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While plenty of people are able to lose weight without resorting to weight loss surgery, sometimes weight loss surgery really is the best way to get control of your weight and your health. How do you know whether it’s time to seriously consider a bariatric surgery like a gastric sleeve or gastric band surgery? Start by evaluating whether any of the following statements apply to you. Your weight is causing other, more serious health problems. Read More»

How To Have A Productive First Visit To The Rheumatologist

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If your doctor suspects you may be suffering from a rheumatic disorder, they will likely refer you to a rheumatologist for diagnosis and treatment. Rheumatic disorders are complex, but rheumatologists are experts at “playing detective” and figuring out what’s wrong. Chances are, it will take several visits to the rheumatologist to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and to discover which treatments work best for you. But, it all starts with the first visit! Read More»

Should You Choose A Pediatric Physician Or A Family Doctor?

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One of the biggest challenges of becoming a parent is learning how to take the best care of your child. There are so many doctors available, so how do you know which one you should pick? Is a pediatric physician or family doctor right for your child? It’s normal to have questions about which doctor your child should see. Here’s what you need to know before you make a decision. Read More»

4 Things To Keep In Mind Before Your Allergy Test

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Allergies are not uncommon. Allergic reactions occur when your body perceives an inert substance as a threat, mounting an immune system attack against it. Allergies often come with itchy eyes, tearfulness, congestion, and hives. Unexplained allergies can be distressing. Finding the cause of your allergy attacks can help you treat them appropriately. That’s where allergy testing services can help. An allergist can perform a scratch test that will help you determine which substances you’re allergic to. Read More»

Don't Believe These Burn Myths

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Burns do much more than sting you. They can cause a wide array of symptoms and can even lead to infection. If you are the victim of a serious burn, it is important that you understand the reality of your injury. If you or somebody else has a burn, make sure you avoid believing these very common myths and falsehoods. Myth: You Should Put Butter on a Burn Many people believe it is a good idea to put butter on the skin after a serious burn. Read More»

3 Reasons Non-Fatal Strangulation Training Is Critical For Medical Professionals

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Having the skills necessary to identify cases of non-fatal strangulation is critical to render medical care and protect the patient from future episodes of strangulation or abuse. There are several benefits to training all medical professionals to identify strangulation victims. Interventions Identifying strangulation is necessary to stage interventions by people beyond the medical professionals. If it is suspected a patient was strangled by another person, law enforcement needs to be involved, even if the patient declines to press charges. Read More»