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Planning Your Final Wishes? Why You Should Include Cremation As The Choice For Your Remains

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While some people might completely avoid the topic of what should happen to their body upon death it's always smart to plan your final wishes in advance. Writing out your will and estate plans is really a token of love to those who remain after you're gone. It saves them from having to make tough decisions during a time when they will most likely be dealing with tremendous grief. When thinking about what you want to happen with your remains you are usually faced with two options: burial or cremation. The information that follows will help you see why cremation is the best choice.

Cremation Is So Much More Affordable

Even though at the time of your death you will be gone, there is still a need to think about money. Your beneficiaries are obviously people you care about very deeply. Leaving them as many resources as possible starts by making sure that your remains are handled in the most cost-effective way. Traditional burial services can be extremely expensive and that cuts into the money that you would leave to those you love. Cremation is the more affordable selection which allows you to give more to your family and friends.

The average funeral can cost as much as $7181 dollars. That's a considerable amount of money. If you don't plan in advance for a life insurance or burial policy which includes at least these amounts, the people in your life might have a hard time trying to scramble up that sum in efforts to honor you in a more traditional way.

On the other hand, the average price for cremation is just $1100 dollars. As you can see, that is a huge decrease and even if you don't have a lot of money when you pass away it should be easier for those you leave behind to generate the money for cremation as opposed to burial.

Cremation Remembers You As You Were

If you've ever seen a body in a casket it has probably struck you at just how much different the person looks. You want to be remembered just as you are now and by opting for a cremation you'll be setting the stage for people to do just that.

Listing cremation as your preferred choice leaves you free to enjoy your days without worrying about what will happen to your body when it's time for you to go. Make the choice right now and enjoy more peace of mind as you head into the future. 

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