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You Can Wear Colored Glasses: 5 Shopping Tips

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Your fashion style can be characterized in a single word — bold. So, the idea of wearing a brown or black eyeglass frame is just not your thing. Don't worry — you can rock colored eyeglasses, and do so well. Here are some shopping tips to help you find the right pair.

1. Pick a Favorite Color

Always stick with your favorite color, so that you don't have to worry about your thoughts of the glasses changing. For example, if you are not very fond of red but happen to spot a red eyeglass frame you like, don't rush to buy it, as you'll likely grow tired of the color. Ask a worker if the same frame is offered in another color you like better. 

2. Consider Your Eye Color

Be mindful of your eye color when you select a colored frame. Typically, you don't want to choose a frame color in the same shade as your eye color. The similarly colored frame will drown out the beauty of your eyes. Choosing a frame in a contrasting color is typically better, such as choosing a blue frame if you have green eyes. 

3. Buy Multiple Pairs

Don't be afraid to purchase more than one color of eyeglasses if you choose frame colors that are more season specific. For instance, if you choose a yellow frame, it might seem a little out of place in the middle of winter. Purchasing a red or blue frame for wear during the colder months of the year might also be a good idea. 

4. Consider Frame Style

Always be mindful of the frame style of eyeglasses, especially if you go with a bold color. Bright pinks, greens, or even orange can become somewhat distracting when combined with a larger frame. So, if you must have one of these colors, you might want to choose a thinner frame style instead. 

5. Play Around with Shades

Don't just say you want green or blue eyeglasses; you should also think about hues. The hue that the frame is designed in will dramatically affect its overall look; for example, the look of hunter green and lime green is quite different. It's a good idea to play around with different hues before you select the first pair of eyeglasses you see in a certain color. 

Colored eyeglasses come in a variety of different material and color options, so you're sure to find something that fits your style.